On Being Mindful: Easy or difficult?

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Dear Reader, do you find it easy or difficult to be mindful of the present moment? I struggle being mindful when I procrastinate on my tasks which I find very difficult and torturous to perfect.

After spending the past two hours living in the future (thinking and worrying of what-may-be); I have decided to sit down, be more quiet, and listen to my thoughts which resembled a swirling fog storm thundering with things-to-do and ideas-to-be. Typing thoughts onto a laptop screen often aids my mindfulness practice. If I’m confused, typing helps me verbalise my confusion, and perhaps the causative factors. If I still can’t verbalise anything, at least I know I’ve tried to support myself. Just a gentle reminder, my beautiful readers. We can choose, on a daily basis, to have great days, in a variety of ways, not just by completing tasks on a to-do list!

Being mindful can be easy for me because:

By now, I have talked my thoughts through and know what needs to be done today. I feel comforted and calm, with an anticipated period of happiness during lunch, and knowledge that I have planned a series of un-daunting tasks. These tasks  on my to-do list can be inanely simple, like going for lunch and reviewing a restaurant.

However, being mindful can be difficult for me because:

Mindfulness includes being aware of each choice we make. These choices  can last nano-seconds long, and each choice made in response to each moment in time leads to consequences which begets another choice and ad nauseum, and each choice is scary.

Do your emotions feel difficult to control sometimes? When you mindfully bring your emotions towards the surface of awareness, you can paint a clearer picture of where you are at right now and how you can best work with your emotions in a win-win situation. Talk, write, record, video–the way you that suits you the best.

Being mindful can start by describing your feelings. How are you feeling right now?