#2 How Healthy Is: The Chicken Schnitzel Wrap from Coffee Lab?

Welcome to the first entry of How Healthy Is, where I will investigate, with the help of Google Scholar, just how healthy the local food supply can be! By the way, I receive no commission from food establishments for doing reviews. I do it as an experience of eating mindfully and being mindful, as a tool for my learning, and I hope, your learning too 🙂

Upon entering The Coffee Laboratory at half-past one, the lunch crowd had more or less settled in a comfortable communion of consumption and conversation.  The interior introduced a museum of coffee paraphernalia.

Coffee Roaster

The coffee roaster perched outside The Coffee Laboratory was churning out warm aromatic bursts of roasting coffee that massaged my nostrils.


Coffee Making Contraption


More Coffee Making Contraptions

I made a beeline for the (coffee) bar next to the windows. Close proximity to the lovely café ladyboss Jae (pronounced ‘Jay’), and her staff, and prime location for communication!

“What would you recommend?” I blurted out after perusing the menu. My brain was shying away from making a choice.

Chicken schnitzel wrap

Ingredients: A wrap with generous portions of onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, wholegrain mustard, and of course the chicken schnitzel.

“Chicken schnitzel.” said Jae. My instinctual response  was to switch to another dish, because to me, a schnitzel was processed, breaded and fried meat. However, in accordance to principles of mindful eating, a schnitzel dish is just one aspect of my daily diet (as I will soon demonstrate), and heck, I wanted to eat a chicken schnitzel. OK! I said. Challenge accepted. I will illustrate just how healthy this Chicken Schnitzel Wrap is!
In terms of daily food groups recommended by the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, this provides vegetables, meat and grains. Discretionary choices (not a food group) are also provided.


Tony, a happy customer, eats the Chicken Schnitzel Burger.

Here’s a breakdown of how the chicken schnitzel wrap contributes to my (28 year-old female) daily core food group needs .

how it contributes

Blue bars represent how the Chicken Schnitzel Wrap contributes to the evidence-based Australian diet of a woman aged 29.

Discretionary choices are not core foods that we need to eat daily as part of a healthy diet. That is why they are also known as “Sometimes Foods”. The fried breading on the schnitzel = 1 serve within this category. Healthy adults should have 0-3 discretionary food servings daily.

What I’m saying  is, even though some foods sound unhealthy, they can be part of a healthy diet. A healthy diet can be a smorgasbord of deli sandwiches, homemade casseroles, salad bar buffets, salads and smoothies. So look at the food supply around your neighborhood and suss out the local eateries, especially local farmers’ markets. If you aren’t sure of what foods that you like eating are healthy for you, an accredited dietitian (I’m working on being one!) can help you out.

Mindful Eating tip: When choosing other meals later in the day, I keep my schnitzel wrap lunch in mind and adjust what I eat to keep my total intake healthy. Healthy eating should result if all goes according to plan–but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men.

Do you think foods like chicken schnitzel have a place in a healthy diet?

You can find The Coffee Laboratory at 29 Bishop St, Kelvin Grove QLD 4059 and you can call Jae at (07) 3108 8574.

Until the next post 🙂

Jae on the right and yours truly on the left

Jae on the right and yours truly on the left


I choose low-fat milk for the latte


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