#1 Human beings

This blog reveals food-solutions (or food literacy) for all human beings written by a Mindful Dietetian to-be. This is a “living blog”, carved by the sands of time (and me updating entries when I spy something new, relevant and possibly groundbreaking).
Read more for a sneak preview of incredible topics to anticipate in Mindful Dietetics

1. Mindful experiences
2. Healthy eating for children
3. Healthy eating for adults
4. Gratitude, self-acceptance and being a human being
5. Food reviews
6. Turning food setbacks into opportunities
7. Strengthening our food supply
8. Food porn
9. Convenient-cheap-healthy eating tips
10. Mash-ups of our mindful community

This entry is titled “Human Beings” because we are first and foremost human beings, and “being” is our task. Too often, we (and by we, I mean I) live in the future or past, and miss out on the present. For example, I fear being judged on a crappy and boring blog. This is an example of living in the future, because there is no way I will know how crappy or boring my blog will be when I haven’t written many entries in it to begin with. In response to possible horrific future jeers, I procrastinate writing blog entries. If this sounds even remotely familiar, I invite you on a journey of self-discovery with me. I can guarantee that this will be a fun journey 🙂


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